Modern air pollution control technologies

Every year the companies meet their new climate pledges with the use of air pollution treatment methods. All the modern air pollution control technologies have a goal to capture particulate pollutants and removing them from the air.

There are two ways of modern air pollution control technologies. The first one focuses on cleaning emissions at the source. They include wet air scrubbers and dry scrubbers. The advanced technologies allow designing upgraded air pollution control devices to capture particulate pollutants. They prevent harmful gases from reaching the atmosphere. Wet air scrubbers remove particulate pollutants by a special liquid or just water. The chemicals used in the water transform them into a less dangerous compound. The air pollution control devices are commonly used in industrial settings, including power plants and factories.

The second and new way of thinking about air treatment is carbon capture and storage technology. The direct air capture (DAC) plants take carbon dioxide out of the air. The air treatment systems use fans to take the air with CO2 across a filter drenched in potassium hydroxide solution. The solution absorbs CO2 from the air. Then the liquid is got to a second chamber and is mixed with the builder’s lime. The builder’s lime holds CO2, making small flakes of limestone. The limestone flakes are sieved off and heated in a third chamber and CO2 is captured and stored. At every stage, the chemicals leftover is recycled in the process.

These air pollution treatment methods are not the only way carbon can be taken from the atmosphere. Carbon can be removed naturally, for example, planting forests and restoring peatland. However, it is time-consuming and requires land. It is unlikely that we are able to plant enough trees quickly to effectively counter carbon emissions. Artificial carbon capture is one way of compensating for this.

Best of all we can take care of air pollution treatment methods by installing wet air scrubbers at power plants and factories. The wet air scrubbers have many advantages in comparison with other air pollution control devices. The main advantage is the ability to capture a wide range of particulate pollutants and to prevent them from entering the air. Scrubbers are very multifunctional and can be applied with many various materials. They are resistant to environmental conditions like temperatures. In addition to all these benefits, wet air scrubbers need a lower initial capital and maintenance cost. They are better at energy savings in comparison with the other types of scrubbers.

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