New method of CO2 pollution control

Although modern world is developing now and new technologies allow resolving all the challenges, the main ecological problem, that is air pollution, continues to grow. The use of renewable energy doesn’t provide for human energy needs, that is why coal and natural gas is still used. Even with air pollution control the amount of carbon dioxide emissions does not reduce and this year, for example, the amount is 1,713 million metric tons of CO2 in the U.S. At the present time researchers are looking for new methods of CO2 capture that will be available for power plants.

Scientists from the USA have created novel microcapsule technology that could make the process of CO2 air pollution control less expensive, safer and more productive. The method differs from conventional one by the use of solvents that are put into small microcapsules that remind a liquid medicine in a pill.

This carbon capture reactor works with the help of numerous microcapsules into a container through which exhaust gas flows. The advantages include compact size, low electricity needs and costs. Also this method uses baking soda dissolved in water as the solvent while traditional ones use a harsh amine solvent that is quite expensive and dangerous to the environment.

This way of CO2 air control is considered to be quite promising, but at the present time the most effective way of air treatment is the use of scrubber systems. A scrubber is the best way for pollution control that takes away dangerous gases and particles from industrial exhaust system. Nowadays several types of scrubbers exist:

  • Dry scrubber uses a small amount of liquid that gets into the gas flow, so it volatilizes completely, leaving just a gaseous or solid element that will react with the pollutant and allow it to be taken away from the system. Dry scrubber system is quite effective for acid gases removing.
  • Ammonia scrubber puts the ammonia laden exhaust stream through the bottom of a packed tower in which a solution is sprayed from special nozzles.
  • Wet scrubber system removes pollutants by collecting them in liquid droplets. The main advantage of wet air scrubbers is their capacity to withstand high temperatures. Also all types of wet scrubbers can be divided into Spray-Tower scrubbers, Packed Bed scrubbers, Tray Tower scrubbers or Foam scrubbers, Centrifugal scrubbers, Cyclonic Spray scrubbers, Centrifugal-bubbling devices and Venturi scrubbers.

The fields of their applications contain asphalt processing, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas industry, textile processing, acid mist control, fertilizer manufacturing, electronics, wastewater treatment, steel processing etc.

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