A team of professionals who seek to improve your air scrubbing processes

Redwood Technology was founded in Cambridge, MA in 2004. Our company was established to design, develop, and commercialize the state-of-the-art wet air scrubber system. Our team’s aim is to provide a modern and effective way to remove pollutants from the air.

Our team

Our team consists of skillful professionals with an extensive knowledge and experience in the field of wet air scrubbing. The experience of our team has allowed to provide the best-wet air scrubbing system on the market and establish a highly efficient manufacturing process. Our team of high-skilled professionals is strongly motivated to continue improving our technologies and to enhance the ability to provide the best air scrubbing solutions to meet the needs of our clients.

Our goal

Since the establishment of Redwood Technology, our main goal is to provide top-notch air scrubbing solutions to our clients all over the world. We value our customers and always try to meet their needs. We are dedicated to delivering the best products and supports to all our customers.

Our team is always ready to answer any of your questions in connection with the multi-vortex wet air scrubber, its modifications, and its uses.

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