Multi-vortex wet air scrubber can be used for the removal of both solid and gas pollutants

Multi-vortex wet air scrubber washes dust from the air at iron mines

Heavy iron ore dust can cause trouble. We have installed several multi-vortex air scrubbers at the surface discharge of the underground iron ore mine and at several places where the ore concentrate is discharged into the railroad cars. The multi-vortex wet air scrubber achieved 99.99% air treatment quality at this mine.

Multi-vortex wet air scrubber removes coal dust from the air at loading facilities

A 3000 cfm multi-vortex scrubber was specifically designed to be installed above the coal conveyor belt. We installed multiple multi-vortex wet air scrubbers at coal power stations, CHP, and coal processing facilities. This type of multi-vortex scrubber is mass produced and it matches the standard 24-32’’ conveyor belt width and a typical speed of 5-10 fps. Multi-vortex air scrubber is normally installed at the conveyor belt feed or car dumper. The air treatment quality varies from 99.95% to 99.99% depending on the coal type.

Multi-vortex wet air scrubber is used for an FGD process at an aluminium plant

In 2015 we have installed several multi-vortex air scrubbers at the Krasnoyarsk Aluminium Plant (by RUSAL) to replace foam scrubbers used in the FGD processes. A wet aluminum production process is used at the KAP along with several recirculating pools which are called “wet tailings”. The pool water, which has a mineralization of 250 g per liter, is used for flue gases desulphurization at the temperature of 150°C. The foam scrubber that has been previously used was clogged monthly by the salt deposits, due to which it had to be stopped and unclogged manually. We installed a multi-vortex wet air scrubber system inside the existing bodies of the foam scrubbers by cutting out a foam grille, replacing it with a plastic dispersive grille of a multi-vortex air scrubber, and setting up the water supply. The client was overwhelmed by the result – the multi-vortex scrubber has not been clogged, despite operating for 6 months without stopping while the air treatment quality has increased. 

Multi-vortex wet air scrubber flushes cyanide out in a gold mining leach process

Multi-vortex air scrubber systems with a capacity of 70 000 cfm were set up at Polyus Gold Corporation gold mining facilities. This corporation has used wet air scrubbers to absorb HCN, which is the result of the wet leach process. The pure concentrated Calcium Hydroxide is used as a cleaning liquid in these wet air scrubbers. However, this reagent is too expensive, and its high cost is especially noticeable due to the frequent scrubber clogging. On-site tests have demonstrated that multi-vortex wet air scrubbers can present the same air treatment quality using lime milk instead of pure concentrated Ca(OH)2. Moreover, multi-vortex scrubbers can utilize on-site prepared low quality cleaning liquid containing small rocks of lime. Our corporate client was satisfied with the reduction of the maintenance costs and bought a few dozen multi-vortex wet air scrubbers.

Wet air scrubber replacement and retrofitting

When a regular wet air scrubber gets clogged frequently, is expensive to use, or simply needs repairs, companies usually come to us. Our multi-vortex wet air scrubber lacks many drawbacks of the wet air scrubbers while providing the same air treatment quality. The reason behind this is simple – multi-vortex wet air scrubbers have been designed in the XXI century, while other wet air scrubbers were developed in the XVIII-XX century and have not changed significantly since. Multi-vortex scrubbers can replace your wet air scrubber as a whole. In some cases, we can use your old scrubber as a basis for your own custom multi-vortex scrubber system, which makes the design, installation, and operation much easier. An indisputable reduction in operating costs and a serious increase in gas treatment quality have been recognized as fact by our customers.