Any wet air scrubber installed currently can be replaced by Redwood technology wet air scrubber for an improved air treatment quality. Our reference list includes over 100 wet air scrubber installations with a capacity of 3 000 – 200 000 cfm, over half of which are retrofits to replace either old wet air scrubbers of various types or other air pollution control systems like cyclones, baghouses, etc.

Why replace your air scrubbing system with Redwood technology wet air scrubber?

Updated design

Redwood technology wet air scrubber is a new generation of foam wet scrubbers able to operate in harsh environments and utilize a highly mineralized cleaning liquid with a high impurities content, including sand and small rocks, due to an innovative self-cleaning grating manufactured to fit your setup. It is possible to stack multiple gratings inside the scrubber to achieve the required efficiency for a particular application. The capacity of Redwood technology wet air scrubber may vary from 1,000 m3/h to 100,000 m3/h (600 cfm to 150,000 cfm).

An innovative Redwood technology wet air scrubber design makes it a superior choice for most applications compared to traditional air scrubbing systems.

No clogging

As a result of an innovative grating used inside Redwood technology wet air scrubber, there is no buildup or scaling inside the scrubber even after prolonged continuous use.

We have tested our wet air scrubber system at an aluminum production plant where the previously installed air scrubber system had to be stopped and cleaned to remove the buildup that would form over the active operation time. After the old system had been replaced with Redwood technology wet air scrubber, the maintenance stops became obsolete due to the lack of buildup growth inside the scrubber.

High efficiency and stability

Redwood technology wet air scrubber provides higher treatment quality than most air pollution control systems while maintaining high efficiency after prolonged use.

The tests performed after the retrofitting of our wet air scrubber for SO2 scrubbing have shown high treatment quality which exceeded our client’s needs.

Input temperature 185°F (85°C)
Input pollutant concentration 150±37 mg/m3
Normal contaminated air flow 35,930 cfm (61,040 m3/h (N))
Reagent consumption 11.2 cfm (19.1 m3/h)
Output temperature 99°F (37°C)
Pressure drop 0.02 psi (0.15 kPa)
Output pollutant concentration 5±1 mg/m3
SO2 treatment quality 96.7%

After 1 year of testing the wet air scrubber onsite, there was no rise of the hydraulic gradient and the efficiency remained exactly the same.