Removal of nitrogen oxides with wet air scrubbers

Nitrogen oxides are a group of air-polluting compounds. Only one of these compounds – nitrogen dioxide (NO2) – is monitored as an air pollutant, for the creation of acid rain and its reaction with the ozone.  Nitric acid, which contains NO2, is used in the production of explosives, flour bleaching, and as an oxidizer in rocket fuel. Moreover, nitric acid is used in unmanned space probes and in maneuvering thrusters for space travel. Human causes of NO2 is mainly from internal combustion engines.

Despite its wide use in many industries, NO2 is a hazardous chemical that is carefully monitored around the world. Big amounts of NO2 in the air need to be abated in order to avoid detrimental effects of the compound. Individuals exposed to NO2 are at risk for lung diseases that can result in premature death and bronchitis. Another problem that occurs due to the presence of NO2 in the air is smog that is created via the reaction between NO2 and VOCs. Smog decreases yields of the crops and causes harm to vegetation. The reaction of the smog with other air particles creates acid rains that are extremely detrimental to the environment, which is especially visible in aquatic environments like rivers, lakes, streams, etc. Most acid effects are in a wet form, however, acid particles can be found in dust which is corrosive to paint, metals, etc. Therefore dust control is part of the process of managing adequate levels of NO2.

The aforementioned effects of nitrogen dioxide make the abatement of NO2 vital for long-term health of both environment and human health. There are numeral ways of removing NO2 pollution, including carbon absorbers, thermal oxidizers, scrubbers. The most effective type of scrubbing for NO2 removal is wet scrubbing. The cleaning liquid within the scrubber catches particulate matter and gaseous pollutants. Most wet air scrubbers are versatile and can be adjusted to fit the specific needs of the customer.

Being a new type of wet air scrubber, Scroiler™ cleans air from gases, dust,

vapors and other admixtures using water or other cleaning liquid. Scroiler™ produces the cleaning mist differently from other scrubber systems, which results in running costs that are much lower than for a common wet air scrubber. Scroiler™ is the new type of wet air scrubber that saves water.

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