Wet air scrubber iron ore dust control

Wet air scrubber iron ore dust controlHeavy iron ore dust is a result of iron ore mining. The iron ore contains high quantities of hematite or magnetite, but also other elements that are often present in trace amounts. Such elements include silicon, phosphorus, aluminum, and sulfur. The iron ore itself is not harmful, however, the dust that is produced during transportation of the ore, like iron ore discharge into railroad cars, has detrimental effects on human health, the environment, and the business activity. Iron ore dust control is an important task that iron ore manufacturers need to consider.

There are a number of dangers that are associated with iron ore dust:

  1. Due to the nature of iron ore mining, the process often takes place in an enclosed space, for example, in an underground mine. Therefore, the dust that is produced during the iron ore transportation remains in the facility. This constitutes a great health hazard. Miners are exposed to dust that enters the lungs and causes inflammation to cells that could result in lung cancer. The common forms of reducing exposure to the dust are by ventilation of the facility and implementation of protective equipment. However, the implementation of respiratory requires an investment in a complete respiratory protection program that has to include regular training, maintenance, and evaluations. These procedures can be costly and not affordable to some iron ore miners. Moreover, ventilation is not an effective way of dust control.
  2. Iron ore dust is not only hazardous to the human health but also detrimental to the business. The cost of dust control is a major concern for most iron ore miners. The environmental regulations placed on the iron ore mining industry set mandatory standards, that include the amount of dust produced during mining.

The most efficient way of solving these issues is an implementation of wet air scrubbers into the mining facility. Some air scrubbers may be installed directly above the conveyor belt to efficiently scrub the air at the source of iron ore dust. Wet air scrubbers possess multiple advantages that make them an ideal solution: they are highly effective at removing both gases and particulate matter, can handle high temperatures and moisture, can neutralize corrosive matter.

However, most conventional wet air scrubbers suffer from several drawbacks: corrosion problems, water pollution problems, high power requirements. Being a new type of wet air scrubber, Scroiler™ cleans air from gases, dust, vapors and other admixtures using water or other cleaning liquid.

Scroiler™ produces the cleaning mist differently from other scrubber systems, which

results in running costs that are much lower than for a common wet air scrubber. Scroiler™ is the new type of wet air scrubber that saves water.

If you would like to purchase Scroiler™, please contact us at info@optromix.com.

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