A short review of wet air scrubbing systems

Scrubbing system is the most popular and effective device for air treatment that is used at the present time all over the world. Unfortunately, scrubbing system application is now in doubt because recently the European Commission has proposed stricter discharge measures and even ban for shipowners, but this only concerns open-loop wet scrubbers.

Thus, all the ships have to emit 85% fewer sulfur emissions to 2020 than the level of air pollutants is being today.  Captains and shipowners can solve the problem by the use of air pollution control technologies such as closed scrubbing systems, alternative or compliant fuel. Otherwise, they can get into a prison for two years, if shipowners burn overly sulfurous fuel.

In addition, some analysts confirm that it is not well-known whether enough low-sulfur fuel will be available in time. So wet scrubbers is an ideal air treatment device. Herewith, the fields of application are not limited, and therefore, a composite scrubber for the biogas treatment has been recently developed.

This is the first made of the composites scrubbing system with a diameter of 1.8 m, a height of 13.8 m and a total capacity of 35,000 m³. The principle of scrubber operation is based on the removal of air pollutants from biogas, which is consisted mainly of methane from waste decomposition.

Finally, the processed gas can be combusted and it becomes environmentally friendly for power generation. Also, it should be mentioned that such a scrubbing system is low-cost because it is not required to import the necessary equipment due to the extensive experience in the development of complex solutions.

This is not the only scrubbing innovation. For example, a team of scientists from Norway has demonstrated an inline hybrid scrubber system in the ultra-large container segment. The fact is that this ship engine with hybrid scrubber is considered to be the biggest one ever to be successfully installed.

This advancement is highly important for future scrubbing application and its IMO compliance because this scrubber allows removing not only SOx emissions but also particulate matters and other dangerous substances from exhaust gas.

Thus, the use of scrubbing systems for air quality treatment remain a popular, cost-efficient device. For example, this month a leading Chinese shipping company has bought wet air scrubbers for about thirty vessels and this is not the end.

If you search for the best air treatment device to improve air quality, you can buy a high-tech completely new type of wet scrubber – a Multi-Vortex wet air scrubber produced by Redwood Technology.

Redwood technology is a fast-growing vendor of wet air scrubbers. The multi-vortex scrubber can remove gas emissions, dust, vapors, and other pollutants from a gas stream. It is an innovative technology created to save water that makes it more cost-efficient and differs from other types of scrubbers.  If you have any questions or would like to purchase a multi-vortex wet air scrubber, please contact us at info@rdwd.tech


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