Air pollution and its connection with respiratory diseases

The air pollution control research demonstrates a great increase in the number of visits of people with asthma to doctors. According to the clinical data, it usually occurs approximately after a week of raised air pollution. Medical consultation is needed by people of all ages. But mostly it was children who went to the hospitals. They are most severely affected by the raised air pollution.

One of the main particulate pollutants of concern is particulate matter, also known as PM 2.5. These small particles can come from a complex mixture, containing the combination of oil and gasoline as well as dust, smoke, etc. There are several types of particulate matter: the larger ones are PM10 particles, and the ultra-small particles are PM 2.5. The PM 2.5 is more dangerous for people’s health because they are much more difficult to detect.

According to air treatment organizations, there are many causes of particulate matter pollution. The main of them are emissions from vehicles and industrial sectors. However, there are also natural causes of particulate matter, for example, wildfires that have become a real problem for many countries.

The researchers develop new air pollution treatment methods and call for action to cut air pollution. The air treatment will help to take care of those people that are at risk.

One of the most effective air pollution treatment methods for manufacturers is scrubbers. There are two main types of scrubbers: wet scrubbers and dry scrubbers. The advantage of the wet air scrubber is that it removes almost 99% of contaminants from the process stream. Wet scrubbers are considered to be the most advanced and cost-effective air pollution control technology. Moreover, wet scrubbers are regarded as the only system for air pollution control that has the ability to capture both gaseous and particulate pollutants.

Wet air scrubbers are based on the principle of particulate matter removal by liquid droplets. Then these droplets are captured and removed. That is why it is better to pay close attention to the wet air scrubber’s construction and operating principle. These two aspects would help to reach high removal efficiencies and reduce air pollution.

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