New air pollution control strategies of Uganda

The air treatment problem is becoming a pressing issue for many countries in the world. It is no wonder that a lot of governments create new air pollution control strategies to reduce particulate pollutants and improve air quality.

One of the African countries, Uganda, has this air treatment problem as many others. The main source of it is the transport, mostly motorcycles that are common and help to beat the heavy traffic during the rush hours. According to the scientists, this transport is the greatest contributor to air pollution in the city.

Last year during the lockdown the government announced that vehicles and motorcycles were banned from moving. And according to the air quality readings, air pollution was dramatically reduced. The scientists determined that transport produces more than half of the nitrogen dioxide exhaust emissions. Other air pollution sources are biomass burning and dust.

Statistics indicate that more than 30,000 people die each year from illnesses related to air pollution. The air quality levels are estimated at over 5 times the World Health Organisation guidelines. There are still limited possibilities for effective management and air pollution treatment methods.

To change the situation, the country authorities currently coordinate efforts with the World Health Organisation to exercise control of air pollution. The authorities develop air pollution control strategies to guide activities for reducing air pollution. They will define rules and parameters for public health, vehicular and industrial emissions, etc.

Nowadays there is air pollution control equipment that has already been developed by scientists. They represent low-cost monitoring air pollution control devices that should be set in major cities in the country. These devices would help to define the extent of air pollution. So the government could devise appropriate actions to improve the air quality.

The government considers different methods starting from simple actions like planting trees, idling engines in traffic, and ending with using car-sharing and adopting cleaner cooking practices. Factories and plants are analyzing air pollution control technology that would suit them. For example, wet scrubbers or dry scrubbers. The other private entities are developing plans for electric motorcycles’ manufacturing.

All these air pollution control methods and equipment should help in improving the air quality of the cities.

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