Air pollution control devices and their impact on the environment

Each year the humanity pays more attention to the environment. It is becoming a key factor in keeping people safe and healthy. And the quality of the air and water plays a crucial role in this process. Wet scrubber systems and dry scrubbers remain the most popular and effective solution among all air pollution control devices.

Dry scrubbers are applied in many processes to remove solid pollutants from exhaust gases before air venting to the atmosphere. They are often can be seen at the plants because they are quite useful among air pollution control devices in improving the air quality.

Wet air scrubbers are the other type of air pollution control equipment that proved to be more favorable among the plant owners. Wet air scrubbers can remove over 99 percent of air particulate matter. Wet scrubber systems are applied to improve the quality of air from commercial and industrial processes. They can easily detect pollutants and other impurities from the air. The operating principle of wet air scrubbers is based on particulate removal by liquid droplets. Then these droplets are captured and removed.

In comparison with dry scrubbers, wet air scrubbers need various liquids, solutions, or water. So they are utilized in plants where there is a possibility of installing proper infrastructure for pretreated water. Dry scrubber systems, in turn, employ sorbent to remove acid from exhaust streams. However, compared to dry systems, wet air scrubbers are considered to be more effective in air treating from particulate pollutants.

That is why the installation and commissioning of wet air scrubbers help the plant owners to get a significant decrease in emissions. The water injection technology removes pollutants from the plant’s airstream. The environmental advantage of the wet air scrubber systems is the great quantity of water vapor. In the process, it finally releases as a steam plume.

As an example, in Canada, more and more plants install wet scrubber systems with support from the Ministry of Environment. The plants are interested in process improvement and enhancing of its environmental performance. For these reasons, they make investments in different environmental projects. And investments in modern air pollution control technologies like wet air scrubbers have already demonstrated improvement of the plants’ environmental performances. Especially it is noticeable in removing sulfur dioxide (SO2).

There are different air treatment systems available. Each of them has its pros and cons. So it is necessary to make a choice based on the criteria that are important for the plant’s work, for example, equipment costs, installation, maintenance, etc.

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