The new project of air pollution control on thermal plants

The Indian state authority proposed to install air treatment devices to take air pollution control. The authority is in charge of the production and distribution of electricity in one of the Indian states.

From the very beginning, they planned to arrange flue gas de-sulphurization (FGD) units on a thermal plant as an air treatment system. The flue gas de-sulphurization (FGD) units are utilized to control sulfur dioxide emission to comply with revised emission norms. There are several locations in India where these constructions are already installed. Mostly, they are used on coal-fired power plants nowadays as effective air treatment devices.

So the government made air pollution and its control project by using modern air pollution control technologies. They decided to apply FGD systems for the thermal plants as air pollution control devices. That would help to reduce flue gas emission and to improve the air quality. There are two types of FGD systems: dry scrubber and wet air scrubber. Taking into consideration all information, the authority has finally decided to employ a dry flue gas desulphurization system. Despite all the wet scrubber design advantages, dry scrubbers are considered to have lower capital and annual costs than wet scrubber systems. Dry scrubbers are simpler in use, need less water, and waste disposal is less complex.

Some of the plants’ owners made an official request for the air pollution control authorities of the country asking for giving a break for some of them. The thing is that some thermal plants are going to be closed within several years. There’s no need for them to apply new air pollution control devices. The other reason is that the thermal units work only during paddy season when there is less pollution. Herewith, the present plant load factor is less than 15%.

According to these facts, there is a question of installing FGD systems obligement. The manufacturers say that the thermal plants in India utilize Indian coals that have high ash content but do not have sulfur. Moreover, they should take into account the conditions of the thermal plants’ retirement. Furthermore, the plant load factor is low during the paddy season. It’s less than 20%, according to the statistics. They should think about whether there is a necessity for these wastes.

However, all manufacturers agree that there is a necessity for air treatment and air pollution control. We just need to find a way to make it beneficial for everyone.

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