Air pollution control for the risk elimination to a human body

The term “air pollution” is used for the name of tiny particles and gases in the air that provoke crucial harm to a human body during breathing them in. For example, gases like nitrogen dioxide, ozone, sulfur dioxide, and carbon monoxide particulate matters or PM, as well as polluted air (both human and natural origin), are required to have air treatment measures.

Air pollution represents high risks to a human. Thus, tiny air pollutants are able to affect the heart and circulation system. Such influence of poor air quality may provide the development of novel health problems or aggravate the condition of people with existing heart and circulatory problems increasing the probability of heart attacks or strokes.

It should be noted that up to 36,000 deaths per year in the UK are caused by a low level of air quality and inefficient air treatment measures. Herewith, the majority of UK deaths caused by air pollution takes their origin from cardiovascular diseases and strokes.

It is possible to make a contribution in own health and secure themselves from the negative impact of air pollution by eating healthy, balanced food and making physical activities as well as using specific air treatment devices for improving poor air quality

Today scrubbing systems are considered to be the best air pollution control device. Air scrubbers are able to take away chemicals, gases, and toxic particles from the air that is why it is often used in commercial fields of application. Moreover, scrubbing systems have great coverage area (thousands of square feet with a single air scrubber), therefore, they provide a high level of cost-efficiency than other air treatment devices (for example, air purifiers).

All scrubbers apply wet or dry scrubbing to purify the polluted air. Wet air scrubbers use special liquid or even water for its operation. Thus, the polluted air passes through a damp pad or filter to catch free-floating particles and contaminants. When it comes to dry air scrubbers, the process of air quality treatment is based on the use of dry filters to clean the air.

If you search for the best air treatment device to improve air quality, you can buy a high-tech completely new type of wet scrubber – a Multi-Vortex wet air scrubber produced by Redwood Technology.

Redwood technology is a fast-growing vendor of wet air scrubbers. The multi-vortex scrubber can remove gas emissions, dust, vapors, and other pollutants from a gas stream. It is an innovative technology created to save water that makes it more cost-efficient and differs from other types of scrubbers.  If you have any questions or would like to purchase a multi-vortex wet air scrubber, please contact us at

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