Air pollution control measures for improving the Bay Area air quality

The air treatment organizations of the Bay Area are looking for the opportunity for air pollution reduction. Health and environmental specialists have concerns about residents’ health protection. Especially those who live nearby local oil refineries. They are tending to significantly reduce the amount of air pollution.

According to experts, dirty air is the air that contains particulate matter. Many people know about the air quality concerns as a result of wildfires and emissions from vehicles and industrial sectors. Specialists warn that fine particulate matter is the most significant air pollution health danger. They hope that reducing particulate matter content in the air can reduce rates of mortality and increase the average life span.

The thing is that plants’ emissions contain PM 2.5. It is fine particulate matter with diameters that are generally 2.5 micrometers or smaller. PM 2.5 is inhalable and can worsen conditions for people who have preexisting heart and lung conditions, including children with asthma. The researches also demonstrate the link between particulate matter and cardiovascular disease, as well as other health problems.

The local oil refineries have the most significant environmental impact on the air quality. In fact, they contain refinery components called fluidized catalytic cracking units. These units apply a chemical catalyst helping to break crude oil into lighter components. During this process, the catalyst is covered with a carbon material, which is then burned off. According to the statistics, this procedure emits more particulate matter than other refining processes and represents a significant part of each plant’s total emissions.

Environmentalists suggested installing scrubber systems that limit the amount of particulate matter in the cracking units’ emissions. These measures could greatly cut annual particulate matter emissions. When this statement is approved, the rule will go into effect in five years. The plants should establish a system called a wet air scrubber.

The wet scrubbers can capture and remove particulate pollutants by sending exhaust gas through sprays of scrubbing liquid. The advantage of wet air scrubbers is that they remove almost 99% of contaminants from the process stream. Thanks to the scrubbers, the government can significantly reduce the particulate matter released into the air.

Nowadays, wet scrubbers are considered to be the most advanced and cost-effective air pollution control technology.

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