Biological Scrubbers for Waste Gas Treatment

The starting points for the design of the biological wet air scrubber were low operating costs and energy savings. Such wet air scrubber has low water and energy consumption, as the amount of washing water that is circulated is very low. The system is characterized by clever simplicity. Thus the biological wet air scrubber reduces ammonia emissions by 70%, odor by 45%, and fine particles by 75%.

Biological scrubbers treat gaseous contaminants in an airstream by passing it through a bed of microorganisms that feed on the gaseous molecules, consuming the H2S and other compounds as food removing them from the airstream. These microorganisms live on a high surface inorganic bed inside the dedicated vessel at a low pH.

The biological scrubber consists of the gas scrubber and a biological reactor. In the wet scrubber, to-be-removed components are absorbed from the gas stream by the wash water. In the biological reactor, the pollutants that have been absorbed by the wash water are biologically degraded. The purified scrubbing liquid is circulated to the scrubber, where it is able to reabsorb pollutants.

Biological Scrubbers for Waste Gas TreatmentThe biologically degradable hydrocarbons are converter into H2O and CO2 in the biological scrubber. The non-degradable hydrocarbons remain in the wash water. Components such as H2S and NH3 are converted into sulfate and nitrate respectively. Regular draining needs to take place in order to keep down the salt content and the level of non-degradable hydrocarbons. This can take place on the basis of conductivity or via fixed discharge.

There are three different biological wet air scrubber types available to suit any application:

  • vertical towers
  • horizontal crossflow style
  • combination “plug&play” units

The biological reactor can be set up as an active sludge system or a biofilm system on a carrying material. Systems with a carrying material normally have a lower sludge production to degrade specific sulfur and chlorine components, bacteria cultures are sometimes injected have been specifically grown in laboratory settings.

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