Chemical and Biological Wet Air Scrubbers in Animal Barns

The current technology behind chemical and biological air scrubbing in animal barns can be optimized by careful maintenance and recalibration. European and regional air quality policy in the last decades has increased pressure on pig and poultry farmers to limit their farms’ emissions. Each air scrubbing pressure animal barn must achieve an ammonia of 70%.

Farmers often install wet air scrubbers (chemical or organic) to reduce the impact of barn’ emissions and potential hinder those who live close to the farm. Both above-mentioned types of wet scrubbers have dozens of variants available on the market. These scrubbers remove ammonia and other pollutants (odor, particulate matter) from the outgoing air, then converted via acidified water and subsequent chemical and/or biological reactions. There are many ways to improve the effectiveness of wet scrubbers: biological air scrubbers can improve the odor reduction without compromising the ammonia reduction. Chemical wet air scrubber is stronger in the combination of ammonia and particulate matter.

Nowadays continuous measuring systems, that records data during an entire-fattening period, are increasingly being used to determine the amount of ammonia removed. The variations in day vs. night, size of the animals, animal behavior, barn management, and other factors can be related to the air scrubbing data. To measure the ammonia reduction even more precisely, the outgoing air must, therefore, be measured in several places.

A series of recent studies show that chemical wet air scrubbers are now capable of capturing up to 95% of ammonia from the air. The biological wet air scrubbers achieve a maximum rate of 80-85%.

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