COVID-19 impact on air pollution control industry

The spread of COVID-19 disease leads to panic all over the world. The impact of Coronavirus disease includes not only the health of people but also businesses across the world. Although this pandemic has seriously affected numerous industries, nevertheless, the increase of different industries is expected, for instance, pharmaceutical, FMCG and air pollution control systems.

According to the opinion of health specialists, people who live and work in high air pollution are more attackable to the COVID-19. Moreover, it should be noted that long term exposure to high levels of air pollution can impact lung function in people and makes them more vulnerable to various infections. Therefore, decreased lung ability results in higher chances of facing health complications like coronavirus in such people. 

Consequently, air pollution control systems such as scrubbers are considered to be one of the best ways to prevent people from lung infections resulting in the reduction of infectious diseases like coronavirus. The dust control systems are designed to treat the air by removing dust particulate and offer a healthy work environment. “Considering the growing awareness of health and safety, the demand for air pollution control equipment is expected to rise across various industries.”

The application of scrubber systems includes such areas as the wood, laminated and particleboard plants. Scrubbers allow defending the workers from the big amount of dust air pollutants produced during the processing of wood products that can result in a major safety and health issue. Additionally, air treatment devices play a crucial role in Guar gum processing because it is important to handle a flour-like substance efficiently. The scrubber systems are regarded as the best solution for fly ash handling that enables environmental protection. 

When it comes to cement plants, there is also a high volume of air pollutants produced in the process of cement manufacturing, and it is highly important to catch and treat these particles. The application of an effective air treatment device operates as the best air treatment solution and offers a healthy environment. The scrubber system is perfect in shot blasting and sandblasting. Scrubbers enable keeping the clean working environment by treating the unused shots and dust particles for the room.

Also, scrubbers are useful in catching of rubber dust created in rubber processing because it affects not only the health of workers but also it can evoke fires and explosions in the manufacturing equipment. Thus, air pollution control is highly important here. Taking into consideration the importance of the issue, air treatment devices are essential in rubber processing.

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