Facts and fears concerning open-loop scrubbing systems

Nowadays wet air scrubbers are considered to be the only solution that main option is air pollution treatment but recent local ban measures concerning washwater discharge from open-loop scrubbing systems have caused a common misunderstanding that there are no universal protective actions against pollution environmental impact.

It should be mentioned that the reasons for air pollution can be a result of both natural processes and human activity. And it is humans who play an increasing role in the pollution of the atmosphere. The reason for a large part of chemical and physical air pollution is the burning of hydrocarbon fuels during the power production and vehicle engine operation, especially, washwater discharges.

Herewith, the air pollutants adversely affect the human body, plants, animals and nature as a whole. That is why it is necessary to design air treatment solutions with the aim to reduce the level of harmful substances in the biosphere. And the use of scrubbing systems is the best way of environmental improvement.

Nevertheless, recent ban measures have created uncertainty concerning the practicability of this solution which main aim is the reduction of sulfur emissions from ships. The fact is that open-loop scrubbing systems are dealing with an air pollution control problem but, unfortunately, they create a new one that is a discharge of wastewaters into the sea.

Then, this month the International Maritime Organization (IMO) had an open-loop scrubbers debate and made the following conclusions:

  • The IMO has developed washwater discharge and monitoring criteria to prepare protective actions against environmental damage;
  • First of all, the decisions should have a science base to estimate environmental impact;
  • The environmental impact by washwater discharge is under influence from local factors;
  • Now there is no global washwater discharge but it is not forbidden to take precautionary measures by local authorities;
  • Scrubbing systems play a very important role in global fuel availability to comply with the 2020 sulfur limit.

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