Industrial scrubber systems: a short overview

A high level of air pollution causes an urgent need for the reduction of dangerous pollutants and proper control. This is the reason why most companies tend to install air treatment devices based on air pollution control technologies, for example, scrubbers to meet all the requirements. Even though numerous available options are distinguished, wet scrubbers equipped with quality mist eliminators are considered to be a safe and effective way to take away these pollutants.

The thing is that a properly designed scrubber system is a good way to remove hazardous particulates before they are released into the atmosphere, thus, helping companies to comply with air treatment requirements. Wet air scrubbers are applied in the extraction of harmful particulate pollutants from industrial gas emissions before they reach the environment. 

Scrubber technology allows safely extracting solids, mist, and gases while at the same time providing cooling. Additionally, wet scrubbers help to recover valuable products, therefore, preventing loss of the product. Nowadays, two types of scrubber systems are distinguished: dry scrubber and wet air scrubber. To be more precise, dry scrubber systems are less popular than wet scrubbers, and they are employed when the application of wet type is impossible.

Wet air scrubbers, in turn, use a liquid such as special solutions or ordinary water to remove the pollutants. The operating principle of wet scrubbers is based on a fan that “forcefully direct the polluted gas stream through the inlet side of the scrubber system via pipes and ductwork.” Thus, the dirty gas meets the liquid sprayed from a nozzle of the scrubber system leading to the formation of larger particles or droplets.

Every industrial scrubber has mist eliminators or packing, which operate as a filter and collect the particulates or droplets, which in turn fall to the bottom of the stack where they are removed. Wet scrubbers are regarded as unique because they use one air pollution control technology to catch gaseous and particulate pollutants.

The benefits of wet air scrubbers include a high level of safety, they maintain high temperatures, humidity, corrosive chemicals, and liquids. A properly designed scrubber system is a very promising technology for industries with a high level of air toxins or odors. For example, industries that burn fossil fuels to produce energy or industries that apply acid wastes and chemical reactions generally employ wet air scrubbers for air treatment purposes.

It is necessary to pay careful attention to the vertical or horizontal construction of scrubbers when designing them. Moreover, scrubber systems are required to be corrosion resistant, that is why the choice of the liquid solution plays a crucial role. herewith, wet scrubbers will only operate properly if the components used are the best quality, design, and fit.

The best way is the application of a novel type of wet air scrubbers that provides air pollution control and meets all the regulations.

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