Ionizing wet air scrubbers for industrial treatment

The ionizing type of scrubber system is an air treatment device that allows for catching and taking away gases and particulate pollutants from airstreams of industrial processes. Herewith, these wet scrubbers can simultaneously treat both noxious gases and particulates. Thus, wet air scrubbers provide the solution to air pollution control of the environment overcoming the most current challenges.

Several types of wet scrubbers demonstrate a high level of efficiency in specific applications. The operating principle of wet air scrubbers is based on the application of various scrubbing agents and solutions (some scrubbers use water) that help to catch and neutralize different particulate pollutants, dangerous and corrosive gases, and even odors produced during industrial processes.

Modern scrubber systems demonstrate a pretty high-efficiency rate for proper air pollution control. It is necessary to pay careful attention to the advantages provided by the specific design of wet scrubbers for specific applications. Additionally, manufacturers of scrubber systems can customize air treatment devices and choose different configurations to meet the unique requirements of customers.

As for ionizing wet air scrubbers, the polluted gases “first enter a horizontal charging section before entering a packed section”. Then the particulate pollutants are put together on ionizer plates and packing via electrostatic techniques. Herewith, wet air scrubbers have to meet the strictest requirements for air treatment and removal of particulate pollutants and heavy metals. Moreover, it is possible to install the wet scrubber on existing equipment.

It should be noted that some options of scrubber systems allow manufacturers to remain a constant rate of pollutants taken away from stage to stage, and the efficiency rate is similar for particulates of different sizes. It is possible to increase the collection efficiency of wet air scrubbers by decreasing the load. Wet scrubbers can catch even sticky solids offering industry-leading efficiency.

Ionizing scrubbers join several air treatment principles together: “electrostatic particle charging, image force attraction, inertial impaction, and gas absorption”. Therefore, these scrubber systems treat submicron solid and liquid particles, noxious and malodorous gases. Also, ionizing technology supposes wet scrubber configuration with several stages when customers need extremely high collection efficiency of tiny particulate pollutants.

Finally, virtually all wet air scrubbers have pretty low energy consumption despite high-efficiency ionization. These scrubbers find a wide range of applications that include such fields as air treatment during metal refining and recovery, incineration, boiler or diesel engine exhaust processes, pulp, paper, wood processing, etc.

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