Management of cyanide in mining with wet air scrubbers

Cyanide naturally occurs in nature and is found throughout nature including in fruits, nuts, plants, and insects. Cyanide is used in multiple industries where it is used safely and without harming the environment despite its toxicity.

Cyanide is a useful industrial chemical, over one million tons of which are used annually in such applications as electroplating, metal processing, the production of organic chemicals and plastics, and in photographic applications. Gold mining processes utilize cyanide to dissolve and separate gold from ore. A previous method of gold ore separation involved the use of liquid mercury; the cyanide gold extraction a is a much safer process.

Despite the safety of the process, the cyanide itself is highly toxic to humans, especially in large doses. The exposure to cyanide causes suffocation, which may result in death if left unattended. A long-term exposure to cyanide can cause cassava and depressed thyroid function. Due to the severe negative health effects of cyanide, appropriate air pollution control methods and techniques need to be implemented in facilities where cyanide is used.

Cyanide can also occur as a byproduct of gold mining leach process in a form of hydrogen cyanide. Multi-vortex wet air scrubber was used to absorb HCN at a gold mining facility. Previous wet air scrubbers that were used by the client utilized pure concentrated Calcium Hydroxide, which is too expensive. Moreover, due to the frequent clogging of the wet scrubber, the Calcium Hydroxide was not used efficiently, which led to the increase in the scrubber upkeep costs.

The old wet air scrubbers were replaced with Multi-vortex wet air scrubber that provided the same air treatment quality as traditionally used wet air scrubbers utilizing lime milk instead of Calcium Hydroxide. Multi-vortex wet air scrubber can utilize low quality cleaning liquid that could be prepared on-site and could contain even small rocks of lime.

Multi-vortex wet air scrubber is a new type of wet air scrubber that is devoid of many wet air scrubber’s drawbacks while operating at the same efficiency. Multi-vortex wet air scrubber can replace any wet air scrubber as a whole, and in some cases, we can use old scrubber – primarily it’s body – as a basis for a Multi-vortex wet air scrubber system. Being a new type of wet scrubber, Multi-vortex wet air scrubber cleans air from gases, dust, vapors and other admixtures using water or other cleaning liquid. Multi-vortex wet air scrubber produces the cleaning mist differently from other scrubber systems, which results in running costs that are much lower than for a common wet scrubber.

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