New information concerning the scrubbing system’s wash water

Nowadays open-loop scrubbing systems cause numerous debates concerning the discharge of the wash water. The fact is that the majority of shipowners require a science-based approach in debates concerning open-loop wet air scrubbers, herewith, they do not accept new rules of the IMO’s sulfur regulations.

Nevertheless, the Marine Environment Protection Committee confirms that the investigation into the discharge from open-loop wet air scrubbing systems will be conducted, to be precise, it is about the wash water’s environmental impact.

Thus, all the ship vehicles have to use exhaust gas cleaning systems or wet scrubbers as an air treatment device to meet the sulfur limit requirement for air quality improvement. The MEPC treats a question of the environmental impact assessment of water discharge from wet scrubbing systems as well as it estimates and adjusts rules and guidance on the discharge of liquid materials from wet scrubbers.

During the debate meeting, numerous important concerns have been expressed about whether scrubbing systems provide a more efficient and favorable air treatment of ship vehicles with installed wet scrubbers or not. The thing is that shipowners face with numerous new national or regional restrictions on the water discharges.

That is why the main priority concerning restrictive and even prohibitive rules in certain sea areas is to estimate and possibly harmonize these restrictions and guidance on the discharge of washwater from wet air scrubbing systems. For example, recently Singapore’s Maritime and Port Authority claimed that washwater from open-loop wet scrubbers is toxic.

Therefore, the use of open-loop scrubbing systems is banned in its waters and all the shipowners should handle toxic washwater wastes in a licensed collector or use close wet air scrubbers. It should be mentioned that licensed collectors that accept washwater wastes can be found at anchorage or alongside the pier.

In spite of the fact that there is practically no time left to install scrubbing systems in time for the start of IMO 2020, new wet scrubbing training center opens in China. Finally, new commissioning engineers will be trained there as well as the center offers crew training opportunities for customers.

As more scrubbing systems are installed to meet air treatment restrictions, skilled professional engineers are required to put them into service. The training wet scrubber is based on the conventional project, though it is not connected to an engine, no exhaust gas is used, but the principle of operation includes the application of a real flow of water.

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