Pollution control systems for the prediction of burning areas

The pollution control system, that can detect crop burning applying satellite data, allows predicting air pollution levels for the next 72 hours. The air pollution control system has been already tested by the Union Ministry of Earth Sciences in Delhi that is likely to burn crop residue on a current-day making regional air quality worse. The operation of the pollution control system is based on data of stubble burning incidents from the past 15 years to forecast the date and location of the possible burning, thus, enabling to take measures in advance.

To be more precise, such information as the number of times when an area burned in a day and its average demonstrates a probability of an accident repeat, therefore it performs air pollution control. For instance, if the probability of an area is higher than 60 %, the pollution control system offers a prediction of a fire chance in that area.

It should be noted that it is the first time when it is possible to predict stubble burning due to pollution control systems. The thing is that the Center for Development of Advanced Computing, performing an air pollution control, produces “ probability maps to alert government agencies about areas where the chances of stubble burning are going to be high”.

The pollution control equipment enables to monitor air pollution load from stubble burning in areas close to the national capital, employing satellite data. It is possible to forecast the pollution level for the next 3 days. The air pollution control system is able to predict the level of such air pollutants like particulate matter 2.5, 10 and dust appearing from sources that differ from stubble burning.

Moreover, the system of air pollution control will assist local authorities to take preventive measures to monitor pollution levels as well as reduce the number of air pollutants from current sources resulting in better air quality. Nowadays the scientists collect data of farm fires twice a day to predict air pollution before it reaches Delhi. Then the pollution control system records the data and transmits the information about emissions based on wind direction.

Today only two types of air pollutants (PM2.5 and CO) can be predicted, herewith, the obtained information plays a crucial role when it comes to debates in Delhi that the air pollution load is coming from other states. So it becomes real to accurately determine the amount of PM 2.5 from stubble burning, then targeting air pollution sources and performing high air treatment quality

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