Strict air pollution control in Jakarta

This week the administration of Jakarta city starts to provide the extension of the air pollution control policy in order to improve the poor air quality in the capital. The thing is that Jakarta is considered to be a city with one of the worst air quality in the world, thus, Jakarta and its satellite cities require stricter air pollution control measures, especially, to reduce the level of pollutants from the transportation sector, whose air pollution level accounts for 70-80%, according to surveys.

Thus, it is highly necessary to establish air pollution control restrictions not only to target cars but also motorcycles to greatly reduce emissions, because motorcycles amount for 75% of all vehicles, while cars only account for 23%. It should be noted that Jakarta is one of the first cities in Indonesia to have forced a law on air pollution into an application.

The first attempts of the Jakarta administration’s air pollution control allow demonstrating that “efforts to ease traffic congestion were an integral part of improving air quality”. Nevertheless, the restrictions in public transportation do not promote a crucial reduction in vehicular emissions because of insufficient enforcement of air pollution control measures.

For example, it was registered that the air quality of Jakarta was the worst in the world on Aug. 3 (with air pollution level of 174 AQI), while this week the level of air pollutants accounted for 135 Air Quality Index and it continues improving. In spite of the fact that Jakarta’s air quality hesitates, it requires a lot of time until the residents of Jakarta could see blue skies. Therefore, the Central Jakarta District Court may force the city administration and the other defendants to enforce air pollution control regulations.

Finally, “a strong commitment by the people is the key to significant improvement of the city’s air quality because any policies on air pollution control demand trade-offs from residents and commuters”. It means that according to the air pollution control regulations it is required to change the convenience of riding private vehicles, pay more for environmentally friendly fuels and regularly monitor the vehicles to meet the emissions standards.

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