Wet Air Scrubber vs. Other types of Industrial Scrubbers

Industrial air scrubbers are pollution filtration systems that use solid or liquids to remove gaseous pollutants from a waste stream. Dangerous and caustic chemicals are filtered out of a gas exhaust stream by using this amazing tool known under the name “scrubber”.

There are three basic types of industrial scrubbers:Wer Air Scrubber vs. Other types of Industrial Scrubbers


  • One of the most multitasking and convenient of the various industrial scrubber machines is a wet industrial gas scrubber. The water is encapsulated in a metal or composite container in this mechanism. Contaminated gas is passed through the water, then contaminants are absorbed by the water. Other liquids, which differ in the chemical composition and the overall charge, can be used in order to remove diverse contaminants. Pollutants can differ in their charge so wet air scrubbers can be packed with a liquid that will bind most effectively to remove the contaminate from the gas. The main difference between wet scrubbers and the other different types of industrial scrubbers is the liquid-gas association which increases the moisture level of the outgoing gas. This moisture in the gas generates a visible cloud exiting the scrubber. Nowadays one of the most of the most promising directions is developments in wet air scrubbers, which have allowed to increase the efficiency of pollutant removal.
  • Unlike wet industrial scrubbers, dry scrubbers do not utilize a liquid to absorb contaminants. Such a scrubber machine is composed of a reaction center filled with the sorbent or dry reaction material that absorbs contaminants. At the present time, dry scrubbers are beginning to be used more often in order to remove acid found within gases. There are two different types of dry industrial scrubber machines: the dry sorbent injection (the gas is mixed with the alkaline sorbent) and the spray dryer absorbent method (a contaminated gas is processed through a mist of the sorbent).
  • In addition to this, there is a third type of industrial scrubbers are electrostatic precipitators. Such devices use the charged energy to remove dust and other contaminants from the gas. An example of the design of an electrostatic precipitator is a plate precipitator. The plate in this construction is a sheet of metal that is charged with a specific type of charge. Also, there are metal plate electrostatic precipitators with a similar construction.


The different types of industrial scrubber machines help protect the environment. With efficient, well-maintained industrial scrubbers, a facility can complete production and protect the community and their workers. There are multiple types of scrubbers that aid in this process: wet, dry and electrostatic, but the most promising type of industrial scrubbers are certainly the wet air scrubbers. Wet air scrubbers can be designed to collect particulate matter and gaseous pollutants. This constitutes one of the main advantages of wet air scrubbers: they are versatile and can be used in a great variety of different applications. They can be built in numerous configurations to provide the best treatment quality of polluted air. Wet air scrubbers remove dust particles by capturing them in liquid droplets. And besides this, another advantage of wet air scrubbing is the ability of the wet scrubbers to withstand high temperatures that are often present at coal factories. Moreover, wet gas scrubbers cool the flue gases which results in the smaller overall size of equipment.

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