Global Market Opportunities for Wet Air Scrubbers

The worldwide market for wet scrubbers is anticipated to register a progressive growth rate in the next few years. The introduction of strict standards for different industries concerning the use of harmful chemicals and emission leads to the fact that wet scrubbers are becoming increasingly necessary for reducing pollution levels. Monitoring agencies such as the Central Pollution Control Board, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and European Environment Agency (EEA) are implementing harsh protocols for air pollution control.

The positive changes for sales of scrubbers are possible thanks to the rising number of benefits they offer. One of the key factors that are estimated to fuel the aforementioned growth is the appearance of gas treatment technique that can be used in petrochemical plants and refineries. In addition to this, wet scrubbers offer the flexibility of operations and the reduced size of equipment. Wet air scrubbers are able to process not only gases but also air particulates. The demand for scrubbers in countries where air pollution control is crucial has grown in this regard.

Wet scrubbers remove pollutant gases or absorbing them into liquid. Such mechanism feature of every wet scrubber has led to an elimination of fire and explosion hazards as compared to other dust control and pollution control in general methods. In addition to all the above advantages of wet air scrubbers, acid gas control efficiency is also much higher than other control methods. Such scrubbers help neutralize corrosive gases: this option leads to an increase in demand in industrial applications. In comparison to baghouses or electrostatic precipitators(ESP), wet air scrubbers have no temperature limits or problems with condensation. Also, scrubbers can handle high-humidity gas streams.

Global Market Opportunities for Wet Air ScrubbersThe demand for wet scrubbers is the highest in developed or developing economies. The major source of demand arises in the U.S. in the North American region. This is followed by the equally burgeoning demand from Germany, Norway, Russia, Turkey, and the UK. Countries from the Arabian peninsula and Africa, along with Latin America represent the unused segment of the industry.

Wet air scrubbers for commercial use include:


  1. low-energy scrubbers
  2. medium-energy scrubbers
  3. high-energy scrubbers

but most scrubbers operate over a wide range of pressure drops, depending on their specific application.

Further categorization on basis of their applications: chemical/gas scrubbers, particulate/venturi scrubbers, ammonia, chlorine, particulate/dust and sulphuric scrubbers (this distinction is not always clear since scrubbers can often be used to remove both types of pollutants).

However, it should be noted that the growth of the global wet scrubbers market can be significantly limited n the forecast period in connection with the high cost of operations of scrubbers and the strict government regulations. Nevertheless, the growing demand for air pollution control in developing economies offers promising opportunities for manufacturers of wet scrubbers in the near future.

Multi-vortex wet air scrubber is a new type of wet air scrubber that is devoid of many wet air scrubber drawbacks while operating at the same efficiency. Multi-vortex wet air scrubber can replace any wet air scrubber as a whole, and in some cases, we can use old scrubber – primarily it’s body – as a basis for a Multi-vortex wet air scrubber system. Being a new type of wet scrubber, Multi-vortex wet air scrubber cleans air from gases, dust, vapors and other admixtures using water or other cleaning liquid. Multi-vortex wet air scrubber produces the cleaning mist differently from other scrubber systems, which results in running costs that are much lower than for a common wet scrubber.

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