Acid fume scrubber review

Scrubbing system is a technology that allows “scrubbing” exhaust streams of unwanted solids, liquids, or gas particles reducing their possibility to be released into the atmosphere. Thus, scrubbers control all types of gaseous air pollution emissions that are highly dangerous for the environment.

Nowadays there are different types of scrubbers that could have different sizes, styles, materials of construction, and costs. Wet air scrubber is the most efficient type of scrubbing systems in which a blower system is designed for chemical vapor drawing. Also, the chamber of the wet scrubber is wetted with a chemical reagent (or water) via spray nozzles.

Herewith, wet air scrubber is only one example of numerous types of air pollution control technologies available but the most effective one. It should be mentioned that all scrubbing systems can be developed vertically or horizontally according to floor space or height requirements.

Fume scrubbers are considered to be a highly efficient method of removing and neutralizing the dangerous emissions from combustion, or in this case, the storage of chemicals. Moreover, the acid fume scrubbers offer numerous advantages that include:

  • high efficiency (about 99%);
  • minimal water usage;
  • low cost of ownership with low use of consumables;
  • extra safety;
  • compact size.

Acid scrubbing system is an ideal solution to handle all types of chemical fumes. The thing is that almost all acid processing industries produce fumes that should be neutralized and reduced to a harmless vapor before its release into the atmosphere. The design of all acid scrubbers can be vertical or horizontal depending on the facility’s requirements and unit location.

Quite often acid fume scrubbing systems are based on wet packed bed scrubbers which principle of operation contain the use of a tower, the packing, and a reservoir located at its base. Moreover, such scrubbers use a special solution that allows removing the acid from the vapor stream and spray nozzles ensure full coverage of the vapor stream not letting it out.

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