Air pollution control of industries: ways of prevention

The constant growth in demand for manufactured items leads to the urgent necessity of serious air pollution control for manufacturers. The thing is that industrial manufacturing and the construction industry are the largest polluters and these processes require proper air treatment measures.

It should be noted that volatile organic compounds (VOCs), hazardous air pollutants (HAPs), and solid particulate matter (PM) are the most widespread air pollutants produced by industries. According to specialists, strong air pollution control promotes decreasing the number of cases of severe health problems and environmental degradation.

Therefore, air treatment of industrial contaminants plays a crucial role. There are several ways to decrease pollution and perform proper air pollution control in various industries.

  • The use of clean energy sources

The common use of coal or natural gas at factories results in water and air pollution all over the world. The policy of air pollution control supposes their change on clean energy sources to help to reduce the cases of “ breathing problems, heart attacks, neurological damage, cancers, and other grave and chronic health problems.”

  • Non-toxic materials

It is recommended to detect raw materials and additives including chromium, mercury, and lead, and replace them with safe alternatives. Thus, it is possible to save these products’ desirable bacteria-eliminating properties without the risk to health and air quality posed by heavy metals.

  • Air treatment technology to clean pollutants at the source

Sometimes the use of clean sources can not be performed because of their high cost. In this case, the use of air treatment systems is an ideal solution. Moreover, there are several technologies for air pollution control that include catalytic oxidizers (apply high temperatures and chemical catalysts), regenerative thermal oxidizers, rotary concentrators (use high speed to separate air pollution into a hydrophobic media), and wet air scrubbers.

As for wet scrubbers, they are a very efficient solution that allows for capturing both gaseous waste as well as particulate pollutants before they pass the atmosphere or the surrounding environment.

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