Benefits of wet air scrubbers for industries

Air pollution control technology requires careful attention to industrial scrubber systems. The thing is that an industrial scrubber is an air treatment device that uses solids or liquids for its operation to take away particulate pollutants and odors from exhaust streams.

To be more precise, scrubber systems offer the following benefits to treat gas exhaust streams:

  • opportunity to remove both gas and solid particulates applying one system;
  • neutralization of corrosive gases by scrubbers;
  • no additional dust sources because the removed particulate pollutants remain inside the scrubber system;
  • low risk for scrubbing flammable gases;
  • ability to maintain such factors as high temperature and high humidity without any problems;
  • small space requirements;
  • low capital costs.

Additionally, scrubber systems allow for decreasing the temperature and volume of exhaust streams leading to more compact scrubber sizes. It should be noted that there are two types of industrial scrubbers: dry and wet air scrubbers. Therefore, dry scrubber systems employ solid media to treat particulate pollutants.

Dry scrubbers do not apply various liquids, solutions, or water, so they are widely used in facilities that lack the infrastructure to properly handle produced wastewater. Dry scrubber systems, in turn, employ sorbent to remove acid from exhaust streams. Compared to dry systems, wet air scrubbers treat air from particulate pollutants by liquid.

The thing is that wet scrubbers are advanced and cost-effective air treatment technology. Wet air scrubbers allow for removing up to 99% of gaseous pollutants and particulates. The operating principle of wet scrubbers is based on particulate removal by liquid droplets. Then these droplets are captured and removed. 

It should be noted that it is necessary to separate these droplets in the scrubber inlet gas from the outlet stream. Moreover, “the resultant scrubbing liquid must be treated before any ultimate discharge or being reused in the plant.” The power of wet scrubbers influences their ability to catch particulate pollutants.

Herewith, it is necessary to pay careful attention to a properly designed and operated wet air scrubber to reach high removal efficiencies. Wet scrubbers are considered to be the only single system for air pollution control that enables to capture of both gaseous and particulate pollutants.

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