Wet air scrubbers vs. water wash-down fume cupboards

Wet air scrubbers or fume scrubbers are air treatment systems that include a bed of plastic 3D shapes over which nozzles spray a fine solution. These scrubbers offer a maximum surface area for fumes to catch as the exhaust emissions go through them. Then a mist eliminator of scrubber systems compiles the vapor from the stream before it exits the exhaust duct.

The scrubbing solution or simply water flows and then comes back to a wet scrubber tank. It should be noted that efficient air treatment systems for air pollution control consist of an auto top-up and drainage tools to except any manual monitoring. Herewith, they help to maintain the scrubbing liquid constantly fresh.

Finally, the particulate pollutants in washwater are discharged into standard scrubber drainage. It is possible to use traditional water for air treatment in most situations, however, some cases require special liquids and particular solutions to provide proper air pollution control.

Compared to standard wet air scrubbers, water wash-down fume cupboards “have spray nozzles above/behind the cupboard baffles to partially scrub the vapors and send a continuous sheet of water down the interior walls, baffles, and upper duct connections.”

Herewith, most water wash cupboards for air treatment are used with a duct washdown system. The air pollution control system collects the water solution and then charge it to waste. Additionally, they use a mist eliminator as wet scrubbers. Such an air treatment system can be applied again after each application.

The choice between wet air scrubbers and fume cupboards depends on the particular application. Wet scrubbers or fume scrubber systems allow for catching and neutralizing dangerous particulate pollutants from the airstream before they pass to the environment. Herewith, it is necessary to pay careful attention to the compliance to air pollution control policies.

In comparison with wet scrubbers, water wash-down cupboards enable to treat of Perchloric acids. The thing is that such vapors are harmful and very corrosive. Moreover, perchloric acids lead to the salt appearance when they condense inside the air treatment system and even the ductwork.

Thus, wet air scrubbers treat the exhaust emissions while the water cupboards diffuse water on all surfaces that exhaust vapors come into contact with to eliminate salts. In any way, it is recommended to choose a metal-free product for safe even chemical resistant systems. 

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