Consequences of weak air pollution control

Even though process technology is developing quickly, and air treatment policy is advanced, manufacturing still affects industrial air pollution. Previously, the number of factories was pretty small, their current increase leads to crucial levels of pollution becoming a significant worldwide problem.

To be more precise, industrial air pollution is any form of pollution caused by industrial processes. Herewith, various industries are responsible for most of the pollution on the planet. Therefore, different organizations are created to perform air pollution control on factories by recommending to use of innovative air treatment systems.

According to experts, the following activities results in pollution and require proper air pollution control policies:

  • Сoal burning; 
  • Burning fossil fuels, for instance, oil, natural gas, and petroleum;
  • Chemical solvents;
  • Untreated gas and the liquid waste being discharged into the environment;
  • Improper disposal of radioactive material.

Thus, the reasons causing pollution are numerous. For example, the lack of policies for air pollution control is one of them. The thing is that weak air pollution control policies and ineffective enforcement enable numerous industries to “bypass laws”, which leads to mass-scale pollution that degrades the lives of many people.

Another reason that causes air pollution is unplanned industrial growth. Herewith, outdated air treatment technologies also contribute to it. It should be noted that most companies prefer to apply old cheap technologies and techniques to produce products. Moreover, they do not use modern air treatment technologies, for example, scrubber systems.

The consequences of weak air pollution control of industries include not only air pollution but also water and soil ones, as well as wildfire extinction, global warming, biodiversity loss, and atmospheric deposition. The only solution is the application of advanced air treatment systems, which help to comply with strict air pollution control measures.

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