Air pollution control using the best scientific techniques

Air pollution provokes serious danger to human society, beginning from coughing to smog in the air and to the emergence of hazardous diseases. In this case, the only solution to the problem is the improvement of air treatment quality by using the best available science and technology to measure air pollutants properly.

Nevertheless, it turns out that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that is responsible for the question ignores human health protection and tries to save industry money. Thus, the members of the EPA modify a 21-year-old rule, called the Nitrogen Oxides State Implementation Plan Call for reduction of NOx air pollutants, and now manufacturers will have the possibility to choose “alternate forms of monitoring”.

Thus, it is considered that new alternate devices of air treatment provide less comprehensive data reporting or less extensive quality-assurance testing and monitoring techniques present less detailed data and need less severe air quality assurance. Also, it is possible that continuous monitoring of harmful air pollutants may be stopped leading to greatly challenge the ability to reduce NOx emissions.

It should be mentioned that NOx is a type of poisonous gases that can evoke to health problems such as cough and wheeze, and it is especially dangerous for asthmatics, children, and the elderly. Moreover, this air pollutant is able to combine with other contaminants to produce smog and acid rain. Herewith, air pollution by NOx is responsible for the emergence of asthma, the development of lung cancer, low birth weight in newborns, and early death.

The fact is that fossil-fuel electric plants are the most common source of NOx air pollution, and air treatment quality has increased over a 20-year period due to state and federal regulation. However, today industrial manufacturers have the opportunity to apply less strict air pollution control techniques for dangerous air pollutants, for example, mercury or benzene.

Finally, air pollution policy basically depends on obtaining high-quality, precise data or using highly efficient air treatment devices such as the application of wet air scrubbing systems. Wet scrubbers employ liquid solutions (typically water) to collect and remove hazardous gas and particulates.

Wet air scrubbers are able to remove the following components from the exhaust gas:

  • Water soluble substances;
  • Dust;
  • Chemicals that can be hydrolyzed;
  • Steam.

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