Debates concerning scrubbing systems continues

According to the IMO’s sulfur regulations, all shipowners have to install scrubbing systems to 2020. That is why now more and more container ship (about 30 per month)  will be taken out of service for the installation of wet air scrubbers. Herewith, open-loop scrubbers are forbidden. Nevertheless, not all shipowners accept new rules and require a science-based approach in debates concerning scrubbing systems.

There is an opinion that this change follows commercial motivations, and therefore, the UK Chamber of Shipping calls for certainty based on facts in the debate concerning open-loop scrubbers. Moreover, new doubts have appeared about the fact of whether scrubbing technology cleaning of ships’ exhaust virtually reduces air pollution control.

Thus, several stakeholders confirm that wash water from open-loop scrubbing systems could harm the sea environment and that there is a risk to move air pollution to the marine one instead. Wet air scrubbers help to achieve compliance with the 2020 regulations despite the fact that modern gas cleaning systems are not ideal technology yet.

Herewith, at the present time shipowners have already ordered more than 700 wet scrubbing systems all over the world. According to last news, almost 200 scrubbers will be installed on new ship vehicles, while the rest will be re-equipped onto existing vehicles. Nowadays around 50 ships have wet air scrubbers as exhaust gas cleaning systems.

It should be mentioned that the process of scrubber installation takes 30-50 days per ship vehicle, that is why not all the ships will be ready to meet 2020 IMO’s regulations. However, this is not the only challenge to which shipowners will face very soon.

The alternative variant for shipowners is the use of low-sulfur fuel, but it is highly expensive. For example, recently World Fuel Services have succeeded to increase the level of earnings in 2019 in spite of the fact that it was sold less ship fuel. It means that fuel companies make prices higher.

Consequently, wet air scrubbing systems remain the best solution for air treatment and increase of air quality. If you would like to obtain more cost-efficient than using any other air pollution control device, you should choose a high-tech completely new type of wet air scrubber – a Multi-Vortex wet air scrubber produced by Optromix company.

The Multi-Vortex wet scrubber offers several advantages such as compact size, it is economical (can be made of plastic and does not require additional components), eco-friendly, it requires low maintenance and can use contaminated water for cleaning.

If you search for the best air treatment device to improve air quality, you can buy a high-tech completely new type of wet scrubber – a Multi-Vortex wet air scrubber produced by Redwood Technology.

Redwood technology is a fast-growing vendor of wet air scrubbers. The multi-vortex scrubber can remove gas emissions, dust, vapors, and other pollutants from a gas stream. It is an innovative technology created to save water that makes it more cost-efficient and differs from other types of scrubbers.  If you have any questions or would like to purchase a multi-vortex wet air scrubber, please contact us at

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