Energy Related Air Pollution Problems

Air pollution is the fourth greatest overall risk factor for human health worldwide, with high blood pressure, dietary risks and smoking. Among the major air pollutants, fine particulate matter is the most damaging to human health, and sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides, and ozone are associated with a range of illnesses. In addition to human health, air pollution poses risks to the environment, the economy, and food security.  Air pollutants arising from human activity overwhelmingly derive from energy production and use, mainly the combustion of fossil fuels and biomass. Almost all sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides emissions to the atmosphere are energy-related, as are some 85% of emissions of particulate matter. Within the energy sector, power generation and industry are the main sources of sulfur dioxide, mostly from coal use. Oil use in vehicles and power generation are the leading emitters of nitrogen oxides. Consumption of biomass, kerosene, and coal in the buildings sector, along with industrial use, are responsible for the bulk of the particulate matter reaching the atmosphere.
A wet scrubber is a device designed to remove a contaminant from an air stream using a scrubbing fluid or solution. The contaminants can be solids, liquids, or gasses, and the solution is water-based and non-aqueous.
Some common contaminants wet scrubbers are most capable of removing include:


Size Examples
Gases (molecular size) <0.008 microns

Hydrochloric acid, sulfur dioxide

Fumes (solids particulate) <1 micron Metallurgical
Dust (solid particles) >1 micron

Minerals, cement, flour, etc.

Mist (liquid particles) 01-10 microns Oil, acid, caustic, etc.
Droplets (liquid particles) >10 microns


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