Main advantages of air pollution control

People always try to make their lives easier by developing various ways to reduce the stress of humans, increase the standard of living and make life easier. Nevertheless, it leads to the release of a lot of dangerous pollutants into the atmosphere called air pollution. Herewith, air pollution becomes more and more crucial that is why researchers develop different techniques of air pollution control.

To be more precise, air pollution control is considered to be “the use of substitutive ways to minimize the excess release of harmful chemicals into the atmosphere, as ambient air consists of liquids, gas, and most surprisingly, solids.” The increase in air pollution results in the designing of equipment and machinery for pollution control. It is possible to divide all equipment for air pollution control into four main system types: continuous emissions monitoring systems, emissions control systems, parametric monitoring systems, and oxidizers.

Air pollution control systems allow capturing and holding onto contaminants, treating them into something safer that is possible to be released into the environment. The following types of pollution control systems are distinguished: air scrubbers (wet air scrubbers and dry scrubbers), mist collectors, odor control systems and electrostatic precipitators.

The thing is that wet air scrubbers enable them to treat the air by catching the pollutants with a liquid cleaning solution. The operating principle of wet scrubbers is based on the air that goes through the solution, and its particulate pollutants and particles get caught. Therefore, the air becomes clean when it comes out the other side of the wet air scrubber.

Dry scrubbers act similar to wet scrubber systems, however, they do not use a liquid solution, dry scrubber systems treat air with a slurry or dry reagent. Dry scrubbers make air pollutants larger before forcing the gas stream through filters. Thus, large particulates are caught by the filters. Dry types of scrubber systems are often used by manufacturers in exhaust pipes.

Air pollution control systems provide the following advantages:

  • Pollution control helps to protect human health. It should be noted that human health plays a crucial role, and vendors of wet air scrubbers come to help protect our health, which is very valuable.
  • Air pollution control provides the prevention of economic wastes. The fact is that the wastes accumulated from dead crops and bad water will be limited or even stopped. Pollution control systems prevent economic slowdowns or at least reduce to the minimum.
  • Increased worker productivity due to scrubbers that make it possible for workers to work for a longer period of time in a healthier environment. Wet scrubbers improve not only outdoor but indoor air quality, for instance, inside your house. 

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