Maritime application of wet air scrubbers

The beginning of 2020 has presented new stricter air pollution control regulations on emissions in the shipping and maritime industries. Therefore, shipowners continue searching for the most flexible air treatment devices that will comply with new global rules. Scrubbers are considered to be the most useful tools provided for air pollution control in various industries, such as major hydropower, pulp, and paper, metalworking and steel production facilities all around the world.

Scrubber systems are developed based on emission control technology, wet scrubbers are widely installed in state-of-the-art systems in the area of exhaust air treatment solutions and air pollution. Manufacturers of wet air scrubbers provide complete solutions for air pollution control to the maritime industry by designing air treatment systems and all ancillary equipment (“pumps and filters, instrumentation and electrical equipment, wash water treatment, integration engineering, emission monitoring, valves and dampers, engineering, supervision of installation, and after-sales service”).

It is possible to produce scrubber solutions that offer all possible options and combinations, for instance, open-loop, closed-loop, or hybrid scrubber systems, with square or round footprint, and for inline and bypass operations. Modern technologies allow designing the smallest wet air scrubbers when it comes to inline solutions. Moreover, wet scrubbers based on closed-loop technology enable us to treat virtually all types of exhaust gases, for example, NaOH, MgO, Mg(OH)2, Na2CO3, and NaHCO3.

Nowadays shipowners can install modern scrubber systems on all types of vessels, containing new-build of current ships by modifying. Thus, it is necessary to choose the right scrubber. Manufacturers of wet air scrubbers provide individual air pollution control solutions according to the demands of specific ships. Choosing the proper air treatment devices, you should pay careful attention to scrubbers made of the highest quality materials, which, however, have higher costs.

Current wet air scrubbers offer the following benefits to shipowners that include:

  • Simple and reliable construction for any type of installation;
  • Most wet scrubbers have significant noise reduction, herewith, it is possible to take away the silencer;
  • Some scrubbers provide safe pass of exhaust gas even if the absorber pumps are broken;
  • High level of removal efficiency combined with quite low operating costs;
  • Numerous air treatment inlets possible;
  • The compact footprint of wet air scrubbers.

If you search for the best air treatment device to improve air quality, you can buy a high-tech completely new type of wet scrubber – a Multi-Vortex wet air scrubber produced by Redwood Technology.

Redwood technology is a fast-growing vendor of wet air scrubbers. The multi-vortex scrubber can remove gas emissions, dust, vapors, and other pollutants from a gas stream. It is an innovative technology created to save water that makes it more cost-efficient and differs from other types of scrubbers.  If you have any questions or would like to purchase a multi-vortex wet air scrubber, please contact us at

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