The safe industrial process provided by air treatment equipment

A wide range of modern air treatment materials and equipment for removing harmful vapors, gases, and dust from industrial premises allows choosing an individual technical treatment quality solution for each specific enterprise. Almost all industries apply systems of dust and gas air treatment designed to take away and neutralize the air of industrial premises, as well as to reduce the emission of dust and harmful gases into the environment. 

As technological processes change and become more complex, and new materials and raw materials are involved in the production, the air pollution control of hazard neutralization, and ensuring safe working conditions also change. Stricter air pollution control of the content of harmful impurities in industrial premises, labor protection, and environmental protection forces companies to implement more effective dust and gas air treatment systems.

These breakthrough treatment quality technologies of dust and gas cleaning not only predetermine the development of the industrial air treatment systems in all fields and lead to the emergence of several enterprises, but also have an impact on working conditions and production efficiency.

Not long ago, the air treatment of exhaust air to the welding industries has been banned. Now, thanks to local air treatment devices with multi-stage filtration, it is possible to effectively neutralize toxic welding aerosol, which contains metal oxides, nitrogen, hydrogen fluoride, carbon monoxide, and other harmful impurities, the content of which in the air in the welding zone can be 5-15 times higher than is permitted by air pollution control.

As a result of the use of such devices, labor safety and the possibility of air treatment are ensured, which reduces the load on the general exchange ventilation system and thereby reduces the energy consumption of an industrial enterprise.  The choice of the air treatment system is dependent on production, processing equipment, parameters of microclimate in industrial premises, the concentration of harmful gases, vapors, and dust in the air and in the area of jobs.

Cyclones of various types are most often used for dust removal: return-flow, direct-flow, vortex, battery. Wet air scrubbers (scrubber systems, foam, high-speed) operate on the principle of wetting dust particles with liquid drops under the action of inertial shock, diffusion, or other physical influences. As a result, the gases are treated with large particles (more than 3 microns). The gas splits the liquid into small drops and dust particles are captured more completely in high-speed and turbulent wet scrubbers. Compared to dry scrubber systems, wet air scrubbers can treat gases with a high temperature, containing wet and sticky substances. Scrubbers have relatively small dimensions, they are safer to operate and require low capital costs.

Almost all industrial air pollutants can be filtered out due to the combination of various techniques. At least modern air treatment devices for scrubbing can reduce the content of any dust in the air with an efficiency of up to 99.99%. It is technologically more difficult to provide the same degree of treatment for harmful air pollutants, but these issues can be solved with different degrees of efficiency depending on hygiene requirements and funding. In general, the design of modern equipment and air treatment materials make it possible in each case to create optimal conditions for cleaning air and gases, including aggressive and high-temperature environments.

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