Scrubbing systems for marine application

At the present time, scrubbing systems are often used for removal of particulate matter and dangerous components, for example, sulfur oxides and nitrogen oxides that are a result of combustion processes from the marine industry. This measure is highly needful for providing air pollution control.

The fields of scrubber application include exhaust treatment from engines, auxiliary engines, and boilers, onshore and onboard marine vessels. Thus, scrubbing systems warrant the safety to human life and the environment from harmful toxic matters. Also, sulfur emissions are limited by international regulations.

The fact is that the International Maritime Organization set regulations according which the level of sulfur matter is required to be limited to 0.50% globally and 0.10 % m/m in areas where air pollution control has been established to provide air treatment quality.

Consequently, the majority of ship owners install wet scrubbing systems on their ships to correspond with international regulations and standards economically. The principle of scrubber operation is based on the use of alkaline scrubbing materials that neutralize acids and remove any particulates from the exhaust gas, then these scrubbing materials are collected with wash water that can be stored or immediately discharged.

All the marine scrubbing systems can be divided into wet and dry scrubbers. Herewith, dry scrubbing systems use solid lima as the alkaline scrubbing material while wet scrubbers employ water for this purpose. Also, wet scrubbing systems can be closed-loop or open-loop.

It should be mentioned that closed-loop scrubbers use fresh or sea water as scrubbing material, herein, open-loop scrubbing systems employ only sea water. Also, there are hybrid wet scrubbers that can operate utilizing both open and closed running modes either at the same time or by switching between them.

As for open-loop wet air scrubbers, they are often used and have numerous benefits such as simple design, easy installation, low maintenance and no need for waste storage. Unfortunately, the wash water is quite often disposed into the open sea after air treatment.

Nevertheless, regulations in the International Convention on Marine Pollution require to examine the wash water before being discharged to warrant the level of PH. Today the problem of the scrubber use is crucial and it is very important to choose the most suitable scrubbing system to be installed on shipboard.

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