Short information about Venturi scrubber systems

Venturi scrubber is considered to be developed to accommodate numerous processes to catch sub-micron particles, with minimum downtime and maintenance. Moreover, Venturi scrubber systems demonstrate great results in processes required high particulate removal efficiency, high inlet gas temperatures, high particle loading and a high percentage of solids in the liquid recirculation loop.

Venturi scrubbers find their application of solving problems in mining, chemical, food, explosive dust, and metallurgical industries. Herewith, such wet air scrubbers provide efficiencies of 99%+ for sub-micron particles as well as long operating life, while minimal maintenance is needed.

Additionally, it is possible to design a Venturi scrubber that has special parameters for air treatment applications where “high performance at low pressure drops, adjustability of the venturi rod deck or compact, low profile design to suit available space” are desired by users. Also, these Venturi scrubber systems may include self-draining and do not need for water level control.

The design of standard Venturi wet scrubber includes a “wet approach” venturi followed by a liquid entrainment separator. Thus, polluted gases enter the Venturi scrubber and right here touch with a special scrubbing solution circulating down the scrubber’s converging walls. 

Then the polluted gas and solution streams knock together at the Venturi scrubber throat resulting in droplets that capture dust particles. Finally, the dust/solution mixture is taken away from the scrubber’s separator bottom drain, while the treated gas passes out the top of the separator. It should be noted that the design of the Venturi scrubber system suggests minimum maintenance because it uses open pipe liquid inlets and does not have spray nozzles.

One more type of Venturi scrubber is distinguished which is a Multi-Venturi air treatment device. This wet air scrubber comprises several rods arranged to produce a venturi effect between each rod. Therefore, Venturi wet scrubbers provide higher efficiency at lower pressure drops and solution to gas ratios than traditional Venturi scrubber systems.

The operating principle of the multi-Venturi scrubber is based on the venturi-rod deck, through which polluted gases enter and simultaneously touch with scrubbing water. Herewith, the speed of gas rapidly increases. When the gases leave the venturi-rod area, the speed slows leading to the larger particle-laden droplets to fall out of the stream. Finally, the scrubbing solution is collected by falling down the Venturi scrubber floor to the drain trough, while treated and dewatered gases exit via the scrubber outlet.

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