The future of wet scrubber industry

The heavy fuels applied in maritime shipping make the industry the main source of air pollution. Nevertheless, today ship owners intend to perform air treatment of the pollution by using scrubber systems. For instance, gas scrubbers are air treatment devices that allow taking away pollution from exhaust gases, designed to meet the air pollution control requirements and to overcome global pollution. 

The thing is that until recent times the marine wet scrubber market had some limits but this has changed. The sale of scrubber systems is not huge because wet scrubbers are considered to be expensive specialist air treatment equipment. However, sales have increased over the past six years. According to estimations, by 2023 the wet scrubber industry will sell 3254 units in a year.

It should be noted that the immediate driver behind this increase is regarded as IMO 2020 (a set of regulations from the International Maritime Organisation), according to which all ship owners must reduce emissions level from 0.5% to 0.1%. The possible solutions are the use of low sulfur fuel (that has a more expensive price) or the use of scrubber systems.

Most shipowners prefer to add scrubbers to meet the air pollution control requirements rather than buy low-sulfur oil and ships fitted to employ it. Nowadays investors face the question of which scrubber systems ones to invest in rather than whether to invest in scrubbers.

To be more precise, wet air scrubbers are the most widespread in the market. Wet scrubbers treat fumes by forcing them through a liquid (water or special solution) or spraying them to remove pollutant particles. Thus, it is expected that wet air scrubber systems will represent  90% of the market by the end of 2028.

Moreover, shipowners confirm that “it’s cheaper to install a scrubber into a new ship than to retrofit it onto an old one, and new build installations are expected to grow faster than retrofitting”. Herewith, open and closed-loop scrubber systems are distinguished. While in open-loop scrubbers the neutralized treated water is discharged into the sea, closed-loop scrubbers store it until a ship achieves a special discharge area.

Additionally, a new type of scrubber is considered to be highly promising that is the “naked scrubber”. This hybrid scrubber system offers such an advantage as a relatively lightweight that greatly reduces the weight of infrastructure for the installation. Therefore, the need to strengthen a ship’s structure before wet scrubber’s installation passes and the time of its installation becomes shorter. Also, with IMO 2020’s arrival, wet scrubber manufacturers already look attractive to investors.

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