Why it is better to use wet air scrubbers

Wet scrubber systems are devices that provide air pollution control by taking away the dust particulate pollutants and polluted gases from industrial exhaust systems. The thing is that nowadays air pollution is regarded as the main problem on the planet resulting in the appearance of severe threats and diseases. 

Thus, wet air scrubbers are considered to be the best option for air treatment from various industries. This type of scrubbers allows removing both particulate pollutants and gas emissions together in a single air pollution control system. The operating principle is very simple: wet scrubber catches particulates by a special solution or simple water.

Then these particulates are gathered together in the liquid and washed away. Finally, the scrubbing liquid with pollutants is discharged or reused only for air treatment. It should be noted that most wet air scrubbers are equipped with an outlet gas element called entrainment separator that enables them to escape any droplet flow.

Additionally, it is possible to perform any design of wet scrubbers to provide reliable contact between liquid and gasses so that scrubber catches efficiently the particulate pollutants from the air. Every specific application requires various scrubbing systems of different sizes and types. For instance, small industries prefer such scrubber systems that generally include “a scrubbing vessel, ductwork, and a fan system, a pumping system, a mist eliminator, the scrubbing liquid, and also an exhaust stack.”

Moreover, wet air scrubbers offer numerous benefits for industrial applications. To be more precise, wet scrubbers can maintain high temperatures or moisture. Herewith, these types of scrubbers can neutralize the corrosive gases, and scrubbing technology is considered to be equally effective in air treatment and removal of particulate pollutants or gases.

Also, scrubber systems allow cooling hot gases leading to a compact size of the air pollution control system. Although dry particulates are highly flammable, however, wet air scrubbers reduce significantly the probability of explosion hazards. The liquid from scrubbers makes the temperature lower and the volume of the unsaturated exhaust stream smaller.

Different types of wet scrubbers are distinguished: chemical or gas scrubbers, particulate, Venturi, Dust, Chlorine, Ammonia, and Sulfuric acid scrubber systems. General application of scrubbing includes different industries, for example, petroleum refineries, or chemical processes, acid manufacturing plants, or even steel making industries. Wet air scrubbers remove efficiently particulate pollutants and thus, treating both pollutants and impure gases.

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Redwood technology is a fast-growing vendor of wet air scrubbers. The multi-vortex scrubber can remove gas emissions, dust, vapors, and other pollutants from a gas stream. It is an innovative technology created to save water that makes it more cost-efficient and differs from other types of scrubbers.  If you have any questions or would like to purchase a multi-vortex wet air scrubber, please contact us at info@rdwd.tech

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