The raise of PM 2.5 levels due to the wildfires in Canada

Recently, one of the US towns has faced an environmental problem connected to bad air quality. The air pollution organizations reported poor air quality in this region because of hundreds of Canadian and western U.S. wildfires. That’s why citizens could observe the thick haze from the early morning.

The state of New York became the main witness of the influence that the Canadian wildfires had. Despite the fact that air treatment organizations don’t expect the rise of the PM 2.5 permissible norms, wildfires are the main reason for the particulate pollutants. The smoke contains dangerous particulate pollutants, which people can see as soot. It also includes tiny invisible particulate matter called PM 2.5. These particulate pollutants can penetrate into the lungs and become a cause for health problems starting from burning eyes and ending with lung disease.

Particulate pollutants are especially dangerous for people with cardiovascular problems or asthma and for elderly people. Long-term exposure to PM 2.5 can lead to cancer and reduce life expectancy for everyone. During such periods the air pollution organizations advise people to stay at home and limit their time outdoors. The air treatment organizations monitor air quality all over the country and issue warnings when air quality reaches unhealthy rates.

According to scientists, wildfires are becoming more widespread because of climate change. Greenhouse gases raise the temperature of the planet, change usual atmospheric events and create conditions for more severe natural hazards.

Under the circumstances, the state government asked citizens to reduce their energy use and pollution. The authorities develop air pollution control strategies to guide activities aiming to reduce air pollution rates. They suggest using public transport or car-sharing, idling engines in traffic, etc.

However, the air treatment program would also affect factories and plants. According to climate researchers, 100 companies are responsible for 70% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions that are considered to be the main contributor to climate change. The primary direction for them is the installment of air pollution control devices for air pollution rates reduction.

For example, scrubber systems can limit the amount of particulate matter and greatly cut plants’ annual emissions. The wet scrubbers can capture and remove particulate pollutants by sending exhaust gas through sprays of scrubbing liquid. The advantage of wet air scrubbers is that they remove almost 99% of contaminants from the process stream. Thanks to the scrubbers, the government can significantly reduce the particulate matter released into the air.

In conclusion, we should say that maybe we can’t stop the wildfires, but we can try to make our air quality healthier.

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