MINExpo International 2016Las Vegas Nevada September 27-28, 2016

MINExpo INTERNATIONAL 2016 is a world of innovation in one place. It is the largest show of its kind in the world and draws a truly international audience representing all major mining regions of the world. MINExpo 2016 had more than 800,000 sq. ft. (74,000 square meters), 12 indoor and outdoor halls and more than 1800 companies.

The mining, metals, and minerals industry are facing challenging times. Owners and operators are feeling the pressure to reduce costs and improving operational efficiencies. Through our expertise and core services, Optromix Company sees the opportunities that exist for the next generation mine.

Global mining industry leaders came together to debate the issues of the day, provide perspectives on industry challenges and share visions and insights for the future. Representatives from our company were Sergei Ivanov and Gleb Phillin. The main objectives of participation in the exhibition were searching for new technology partners and the potential customers.

Optomix Company introduced on the MINExpo 2016 innovative decision in the sphere of gas scrubbing, which European countries actively start using. It is especially important for The USA because system of gas scrubbing allows to save up to 90% of water compared with the traditional wet air scrubbers. Engineering companies drew particular attention on the ability to spend 10 times less water.

During the MINExpo 2016 Optromix received several orders and regain confidence that the new wet air scrubber technology is supposed to make the air cleaner and safer.


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