Month: May 2019


How dense sensor fights with air pollution

The attempt of fighting with air pollution problem was carried out yet in 2013 when a professor at the University of California proposed to install air pollution sensors to high altitude weather balloons in order to measure how black carbon moves throughout the atmosphere and to accomplish air pollution control measures. To be precise, diesel...


New information concerning the scrubbing system’s wash water

Nowadays open-loop scrubbing systems cause numerous debates concerning the discharge of the wash water. The fact is that the majority of shipowners require a science-based approach in debates concerning open-loop wet air scrubbers, herewith, they do not accept new rules of the IMO’s sulfur regulations. Nevertheless, the Marine Environment Protection Committee confirms that the investigation...


What you need to know about air pollution

Breathing is the most important thing of human life, however, at the present time the air quality decreases. For example, a person inhales about 40m particles during a walk along a busy city street. Thus, air pollution is today the biggest environmental death that is the reason for one in nine of all deaths. Air...