Month: January 2019


More ports continue to ban open-loop scrubbing systems

Recently the majority of maritime ports has prohibited the use of open-loop scrubbing systems installed on shipboard, and consequently, wash water release to reduce the level of pollutants in the water environment. This week Fujairah has banned open-loop scrubbers that could be a sign for the following similar restrictions. It should be mentioned that there...


Air pollution provokes sleep apnea

All over the world, nature suffers from human activities. Numerous factories, transport system spoil air quality resulting in air pollution. Nevertheless, now people are also under the influence of these changes. Thus, American researches found out that increasing level of air pollutants provokes human sleep apnea. It is not a secret that every year about...


Prohibition of open-loop scrubbers

The problem of water pollution is crucial now in every part of the planet. One of the reasons is SOx emissions that negatively influence both air and water environment. That is why it is not surprising that governments want to reduce the level of pollutants by all means. The most common way is the use...