Month: March 2019


Scrubbing systems for marine application

At the present time, scrubbing systems are often used for removal of particulate matter and dangerous components, for example, sulfur oxides and nitrogen oxides that are a result of combustion processes from the marine industry. This measure is highly needful for providing air pollution control. The fields of scrubber application include exhaust treatment from engines,...


Types of air pollution control equipment

Air pollution is the most crucial problem of today modern society that requires an urgent solution. Herewith, the sources of air pollution can be both natural — for example, — volcanic eruptions and wildfires — and human-made (mobile and stationary ones). Thus, air pollution control remains the only way of air treatment. Also, it should...


Scrubbing system users vs. European Commission proposals

Recently the European Commission has proposed stricter discharge measures for users of open-loop scrubbing systems to coordinate regulations controlling the sulfur abatement technology. The problem will be discussed at the 74th meeting of IMO’s Marine Environment Protection Committee in May. Now it should be noted that in spite of the fact that wet scrubbers are...