Month: June 2021


Air pollution in Kolkata

According to the statistics, Kolkata is considered to be the most air-polluted metropolitan city in the country as well as Delhi. However, the readings have significantly declined during 2017-2019. But this tendency wasn’t for West Bengal, where the level of air pollution rose during this period, especially in rural districts. The analysis of the air...


Air pollution control measures for improving the Bay Area air quality

The air treatment organizations of the Bay Area are looking for the opportunity for air pollution reduction. Health and environmental specialists have concerns about residents’ health protection. Especially those who live nearby local oil refineries. They are tending to significantly reduce the amount of air pollution. According to experts, dirty air is the air that...


Why air pollution is similar to the smoking

In 2015 the scientists created a method to show people that air pollution control is a really considerable problem nowadays. This method compares the health impacts of environmental air pollution with that of cigarettes. According to the research, Delhi’s air is equivalent to smoking 10 to 15 cigarettes every day. Thanks to the numerous medical...