Power-Gen/ Coal-Gen Exhibition, Las Vegas, Nevada 8-10 December, 2015

In December 2015, Optromix took part in the Power-Gen/Coal-Gen Exhibition in Las Vegas Convention Center, Nevada. The Power-Gen/Coal-Gen Exhibition attracts manufacturers of equipment and solutions for energy from all over the US. More than 1,400 exhibiting companies from every sector of the power generation industry showed their products and services on the exhibit floors in Las Vegas Convention Center.

The exhibition had about fifteen hundred participants! Sergei Ivanov, CEO, and Gleb Philin, project manager, represented Optromix at the exhibition. Our company was focused on researching partners and customers. Our exhibition product was demonstrated on the COAL-GEN exhibit floor. COAL-GEN is the industry’s most dynamic event covering the latest topics affecting the design, development, upgrading, operation and maintenance of coal-fueled power plants. COAL-GEN focuses on the solutions of today and the technologies of tomorrow.

We presented our innovative product – Multi-vortex wet air scrubber. This unit demonstrates the new effective way to perform wet air scrubbing. Scroiler worked in closed water circuit for about 20 minutes during the exhibition. After these 20 minutes, the faucet water was colored in light brown , because of the dust particles floating in the air. And we collected this dust! Our product innovation catches the interest among most of the participants, especially in atendees from Middle East. Scroiler doesn’t require the high water quality. You can use different types of water. Multi-vortex wet air scrubber can perform air scrubbing depending on pollution composition. After the exhibition, demonstration model was transported to Boston. We are ready to arrange and organize the presentation of Multi-vortex wet air scrubber if you are interested to see how it works.


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