SME 2016 Exhibition, Phoenix, Arizona 23-24 February 2016

SME Annual Conference & Expo is one of the leading international mining conferences that bring together the largest organizations and brightest minds representing the mining industry around the world. Despite the complicated economic climate for the mining industry, more than 6,300 people joined SME for its 2016 Annual Conference and Expo in Phoenix. SME organized this conference and exhibition for the industry to share knowledge, network with peers and learn about the best products and practices. The sold out exhibit hall had 842 booths and 625 vendors and more than 100 technical sessions.

SME ACE 2016 was an excellent opportunity to meet mining organizations on the forefront of developing innovative mining technology, mining practices, and contracting methods. The exhibit hall was the perfect place to introduce and learn new trends. We had a great opportunity to present our company, obtain new sales leads and learn more about our target market. We emphasized few customers for prospective work.

It was engineering companies, equipment manufacturers, contractors in coal, iron and aluminium industries. Also, we met participants that earlier had conversations with Optromix in St. L o u i s exhibition last year. They were amazed at our progress! Exhibitors became interested in our offers of flue gas desulphurization (FGD) and leach process. Besides, our company presented the ways of coal and ore loading aspiration and described the new process of wet air scrubbing to concerned persons.

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